Thursday, August 27, 2015

Colorful Kindergarten Days

Hi, y'all! Second and third week of Kindergarten are in the books! Whew! I have sweet, sweet babies, and they are catching on so quickly! What a great Bunch I have this year!

I blogged about the first week of Kindergarten {here}. 
For the second and third weeks of Kindergarten, we had color days! 

I dabbled in color days last year after my move down from first grade, but I wanted to hit the color fun full force this year! My kiddos loved it and so did I! It provided just enough structure and fun for the second and third weeks of Kindergarten!

{Wake Up Work}
We did color word tracing, writing, and coloring for our morning work. These pages are included in my new Colorful Kindergarten unit!

{Morning Meeting}
We kicked off every morning meeting these two weeks with the Color Train song and book by Dr. Jean! Love this tune!!! After we listed to the whole song, I would teach them the verse for the color of the day. 
Then, we would head over to Storybots to watch the video for our color of the day! OBSESSED with Storybots! 

{Read Aloud}
During our Social Studies time, we would read the read aloud for the color of the day! 

The kiddos LOVED the color snacks each day! I did a Sign Up Genius for the snacks and my sweet parents took care of me!
Most of the snacks were quick and easy! 
Our last color day, White day, we read Mouse Paint and mixed colors with food coloring on white frosting! YUMMO!

The Colorful Kindergarten unit includes:

*EDITABLE dates on Color Days note for parents - You must have 

Power Point to be able to edit the dates on the Color Day letters

{2 options}

Colorful Kindergarten Days {color and black/white}

Color Days -to be used for other grade levels {color and 


*Color Word printables {tracing and writing color words, color 


{3 options}

Color word printable option 1: trace, write, color pictures

Color word printable option 2: color pictures only

Color word printable option 3: trace, write, create picture

*Full page color posters {8 1/2 x 11} 

{2 options}

Color poster option 1: polka dot border 

Color poster option 2: plain :)

For the first 48 hours, this unit will be 50% off! Grab it for only $2.00 Friday, August 28 and Saturday, August 29. 

TGI-almost-F, friends! 


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