Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Short Vowel Word Work Units

Hey friends! Hope you are having a fun fall week!

This year, our faculty was encouraged to pick one word as a focus for our year. I picked BALANCE. It is the busy time of year where we need to balance school, home, and LIFE! Take time to grab a latte {preferably pumpkin!} and call a friend! Or read a magazine! Or organize a closet...oh wait, that is the Monica in me...you know, Monica from Friends?? I LOVE to organize...when something is organized, it makes me happy!!! But seriously, I am trying SUPER hard to balance everything! One way I am doing that is to close the laptop at 8:00 pm. I really try to have some down time before we head to bed! Being balanced and happy will make me a better teacher!! :) 
How do you keep the balance in your life? I would love to hear your tips! 

I have finished the word work units for all of the short vowels!

Short vowel u has two themes - Pumpkin Patch {if you study short vowel u in the fall in first grade} or Backyard Bugs {if you study short vowel u in the spring in Kindergarten!}

I have added another page to the units - Stretch the Sounds with pictures!  I had a sub last week and I needed an activity for them to work on after reading a Phonics Tales book. So there you have it - because sometimes you just need an activity sheet with out cards!  

You can also get the bundle of all five short vowel word work units for $14.00 {a 20% savings of $3.50 - like one unit for free!}

I will email the Short Vowel Word Work bundle to 2 friends this Friday - just comment below with your email address! 

Enjoy the rest of your week! 


Mrs Cupcake said...

These packs look adorable!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Anonymous said...

They are too cute!

Teresa Burgess said...

I love all of your products!!


Robert Rihcardson said...

Love them Kelli!

Alisha said...

What fun packs! So Cute!

Teacher At Heart said...

Oh, so cute! I really wish I could be that lucky to win them! Fingers crossed!

Teacher at Heart

Jenalyn said...

Love, love, love!!! b822b@yahoo.com

Veronica Porche said...

Balance is so hard to obtain at the beginning of the year and around conference time. What a great word to pick as your focus for the year. Right now I am struggling with leaving school before 5 every night. I hope to figure that one out soon so I can have more mommy time at night. Your products are always top notch!

Teaching with Giggles

Veronica Porche said...

Whoops! vmp12692msn.com

Teaching with Giggles

Roxanne Sterling said...

Awesome!!!! These packets are just perfect for teaching, reinforcing and reviewing short vowel sounds. They would be a great asset to my kiddos to use in literacy centers, small or individual groups and early finishers.

I would sure love to win a copy!!
Thanks and take care

Becca B said...

These look great! I am always on the hunt for more short vowel practice for my firsties. I'd love to win this!

Lori Raines said...

What cute short vowel practice! I would love to have these for my firsties!

dawnthecook said...

These are so cute!!!!

Lori L said...

These are wonderful.. Would be great to use with my struggling firsties. I am off to go add them to my TPT wishlist!


robinann17 said...

Kelli - I love the idea of having a word for the year! I've done this in my private life, but never thought of using it for my teaching life. I think my word for this year will be "completed"...I think this will be my last year to teach and I ought to focus on completing what I start. With all the lovely materials available on TpT, a new reading series, a new phone system, a new behavior plan, and a new computer system, I struggle to complete things I start. That has not been the case with your short vowel products. I have implemented the ones that match the Wonders series for reading and they are just fantastic! Thanks for providing such wonderful materials! Your products are always top-notch! PlS. After tonight I will have completed half of my parent teacher conferences! :) robinludwig@gmail.com

Julie Marciniak said...

Hi Kelli!
I love your focus on Balance! I think mine would be finding Grace, especially now, when so many changes in education are underway. Your short vowel packs look awesome! Fingers crossed!

Mrs. Barham said...

Love these packets!


jenbrett said...

I agree balance is HUGE! I have my own little people in school and trying to have the energy to 'be a mom' when you get home from a long day of kiddos that same age can be really hard! Great ideas! I already bought the Crab Trap and it is WONDERFUL!!! Here's to hoping I can win the rest! Thanks for everything! Jen

Elizabeth Granade said...

These are wonderful!

Michelle Jaquillard said...

Balance is a must! When I get home from a long day with my firsties it is had to find the energy to keep up with my three boys. Your short vowels pack looks fantastic. Right now my firsties are focusing a lot of time on learning their short vowels.

Cherie said...

I would love these!


Pam said...

I think I am stealing your practice of closing the laptop at 8:00. Also your Word Work Units look great.

Allison said...

I love these units!

Valeria said...

These word work units look great! I would love to win these to use with my Kinders!!

sara black said...

These units would be great to help me balance! Sara.vessels@gmail.com

Julene Hoffman said...

These look great! I am working on short vowels with my firsties - so these would come in handy! :)
Julene Hoffman

Busy Mama and Her Boys said...

These look great! I'm a Reading Tutor and work with K-5. I'm always looking for great activities to reinforce concepts. Thanks for creating such amazing tools!


Christy said...

Kelli, your short vowel packs look great! I would love to win a copy! I am a teacher in a bilingual school in Spain, so it's really difficult for my little second graders to learn all the sounds a vowel can make in English because in Spanish they only have one sound. These word work units would be a fun way for my kiddos to practice those tricky vowels!


Lili said...

Would love these packs. Balance is a hard accomplish when you are a teacher. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas.

Staci said...

I would love to use these with my 1st graders!!


Natalie Kabel said...

I would love these for my first graders!!! natalie.kabel@gmail.com

Debra said...

I would love to try these out with a couple of my special education students. They would be wonderful.

Mrs. Morrow said...

These are wonderful! Would love them!

Kelli :) said...

LoriL and JenBrett - Check your email! Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments!!!!

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