Monday, August 27, 2012

First Weeks in First Grade

Hi friends! :) Hope your school year is off to an awesome start! And those of you who haven't started yet...enjoy your sleeping in for me please! :)

Please excuse my absence from C&C! I have a brand new team {we have 4 teachers in first grade and 3 are new to our school} so I have been busy getting to know them and setting up our classrooms, going over curriculum maps, etc!

Due to the Alabama Tourism Bill that was passed in May, we pushed back our start date to August 20, so last Monday was our first day! I LOVE MY CLASS! They are too presh! 19 total...11 boys and 8 girls! They are amazing!

Last week, we had lots of fun getting to know each other! We read lots of awesome books and did a few cute activities to go with them!


We read Wemberley Worried and completed the sentence starter {I worried that...}and made our very first class book!

We read First Grade Here I Come! and completed the sentence starter page from Abby's Fun with Firsties unit {this could be another class book!}

We def read First Grade Jitters and made Jitter Juice, also from Abby's unit! This has quickly become my FAVE back to school activity!

We also read the poem Marshmallow Toes and made our Marshmallow Toes so we could practice using quiet toes in the hallway! Why do my fourth and fifth grade teacher friends laugh hysterically at me when I say "I like how Brady is using his marshmallow toes!" ??!! :) Grab this activity for free below! :)

This week, we will be working on...
MATH - Patterns {We start enVision Common Core next week!}
Check out my Perfect Patterns mini unit below!

PHONICS - Short vowel /i/

DAILY FIVE - Launching Read to Self
Check out my Daily Five posters and fill in the blank anchor charts for the kiddos below!

WRITING - Launching the Writing Workshop
What do good writers do??? Add more pictures, add more words, or start a new piece! Say it again now! :)

Lots of good books and my kiddos are creating a Marvelous Me book {I so wish I could share the book with you, but it is made with PC Crafter clip art! BOO!}

Thanks for sticking around! Have an amazing week!!! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

TpT Sale!!

Yay for the TpT Back to School sale! You can get 28% off everything in my store {and lots of my fave bloggers} on Sunday, August 12 and Monday, August 13. 

Thank you to Amy for this presh graphic! :)

These TpT sales only come along a few times a year, so my cart is full and ready to go!! Happy shopping!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make a Word! Consonant Digraphs

Happy Hump Day, friends! Back to school is HERE! I presented at our district's new teacher training this morning and then went out to run errands...Hobby Lobby and the Parent Teacher store...OMG! The traffic!!! You can tell the first day of school is around the corner! :) 

I LOVE back to school shopping {minus the traffic!} I always have to get new notebooks, pens {Flair, of course!}, and pencils. Throw in a few calculators, cardstock, and scissors, too! Speaking of scissors...I have found my new favorite scissors and they are only $1.99 at Hobby Lobby! They are right by the checkout {impulse shopping...gets me every time!} and I grabbed some a few weeks ago...mainly because they had pink and lime green! :) They are awesome!!! Great for cutting lamination, cardstock, etc! I think I have purchased 8 pairs...I got every drawer covered! HA!

I also have to have new clothes! My mom tells me that since I am adult, I don't technically need new clothes...that is for the kids! Say what?!?! Absolutely not!!! Target is one of my faves for cute dresses, but sadly I have not been able to find many there this summer. Come on have catchy I need cute dresses! :)

I have found some cute ones at Old Navy. I love their online shopping! They have way more selection online and you can return to the store...nice and easy! Here are a few that I ordered...the thick black and white stripe is my fave...nice and thick cotton and super cute! I am ordering it in black too! :)

 Introducing my newest TpT activity: Make a Word! Consonant Digraphs!
It includes digraphs /sh/, /ch/, /wh/, and /th/. 
Click on the picture below! I will email this activity to five people on Friday, August 10. Please leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win!

I combined the Make a Word! Consonant Digraphs with the Make a Word! Long and Short Vowels set to make a Make a Word! Bundle Set, which includes the Long Vowels, Short Vowels, and Consonant Digraphs. 
Click on the picture below to check it out! :)

 I will be back soon with pics of my Silhouette Cameo projects! Enjoy the rest of your week! :)
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