Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Party ideas

Hi, friends! Only 13 days til Christmas!! This month is flying by!!! 
Our holiday party is next week! Would love to hear what you will be doing in your rooms!

We have one hour for our party. I like to do stations! I have done a gingerbread theme the past few years to go along with our Flat Gingerbread project! 

We will have 4 {15 minute} stations:

Station One: Gingerbread Cookie Decorating
Pretty standard!  Cookies and kids! No brainer :)

Station Two: Pin the Nose on the Gingerbread
OLD SCHOOL! My kiddos absolutely loved this last year! Good ole blindfold, spin your partner round and round, and let them have at it! Lots of laughs at this one!

Station Three: Gingerbread Sticker House
This is the BEST party craft, hands down! No hot glue guns, never ending 0.00001 inch foam pieces that DON'T STICK with Elmer's glue!! Love, love these from Oriental Trading!

Station Four: Book Exchange
I ask each student to bring a wrapped $5.00 book marked TO BOY or TO GIRL. I have my groups in groups of girls and groups of boys. The kiddos sit in a circle. A parent reads a gingerbread book and every time they say the word gingerbread, the kiddos pass the book to the next person. At the end of the story, you keep the book you have!

What are your tried and true party tips? 

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