Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Week of School!

Hey friends! This is our last week of first grade...only 2 more days with kiddos! :(

I don't really have anything earth shattering for ya! I am {patiently} waiting for Kristin to post the Bachelorette recap so I can read it out loud to my hubs! He thinks Kristin is hilarious! 

I am excited to be guest blogging for Crystal's classroom tour posts this week! Check out my classroom tour on Wednesday at Kreative in Kinder!

Here is a little note we sent home last week to get the firsties excited about the end of the year while we do all the boring teacher stuff {paperwork, purging, and organizing!} 

Tomorrow is all about taking down all the student work and sending their consumable things home! A tip for organizing ALL THE STUFF is to stop by your local grocery store and ask them to donate brown paper grocery bags! I write their names on the front of the bags and line them up along one wall in my classroom. Throughout the day, the kiddos will take their work, journals, supplies, etc to their bag. At the end of the day, I staple the top and send them on their merry way! After seven years, this is the easiest way I have found! :)

Have a great week! :) My next post will be in the summa, summa time!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Happy Sunday and Mother's Day to all you mamas out there! :) Hope you have a very special day!
My day is full of domestic bliss...laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping! We are recovering from a weekend in Nashville celebrating my sister's graduation from Vanderbilt. SO PROUD of her smart self! :)

I have been thinking about what to blog about...but quite honestly, all I can think about is SUMMER! So I was pumped to stumble upon Hadar, Teri, and April's Summer Bucket List linky party

Every summer, I make a to do list that focuses on one area of my house and one area of my classroom each week. I am a list kind of girl and I need this to stay motivated. 
Without this calendar, the days just might start to follow this pattern: cereal, Kardashians, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Ellen, and my self sitting on the couch when Mr. B gets home...OR it might look like this: Starbucks, Target, lunch with a friend, Macy's, home in time for Ellen. While I am all about those days...they need to be far and few between if I want to get things done! {The first kind of day because I just plain don't get around to much, and the second kind of day because I will spend all my money shopping and won't have any left to purchase craft supplies!}

Here are some things on my School Summer Bucket List:
~ Organize my small group lessons and books so they are ready to roll! 

~ Organize my monthly binders...I am wondering if I want to change from 2 inch monthly binders to 1/2 inch unit binders??? Only teachers would ponder this point for days....

~ Organize my Word Work and Listen to Reading materials in more Cubeicals {LOVE these!}
Click {here} for the rest of my classroom tour!

I want to change my behavior management that has both positive and negative reinforcement! LOVE 
Christie's model here:
Click {here} to visit Teaching in Flip Flops!

Here are some things on my Home Summer Bucket List

~ I am starting a new blog! It will be all about cooking and a little about crafting. I need a place to put all of my recipes that I can access from my iPad when I am cooking and menu planning! 

~ I want to learn more about embroidery and photography! I got an embroidery machine and a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas and 5 months later I am still just winging it! Ready to spend some serious time playing with both! :)

I want to make some of these frames! I have a LOOONG back hallway and need to fill up the space!
Click {here} to visit Positively Splendid! 

I want to make no sew Roman shades for our master bathroom! 
Click {here} to visit the 365days2simplicity blog!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Happy {almost} Teacher Appreciation Week!!! 
My school celebrated in January and I got spoiled...now it's your turn!!! All of the items in my store {and LOTS of other stores} will be 20% off and TpT is kicking in another 8%...for a total of 28% off! Enter code TAD12 at checkout!

Click {HERE} to shop Sunday, May 6 - Tuesday, May 8! While you are there, be sure to download my newest freebie, an ice cream themed Top It! Addition game that can be played with either 2 or 3 addends! 

Check out my newest Old Lady unit for only $2.16...full of {we are THIS close to summer} fun! 

I have LOTS of cuteness in my shopping cart and my fingers are itching to click! I found some awesome stuff to keep my littles busy while I assess...only 14 days to go! EEK! 

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 Addend Addition Freebie! and more enVision...

Happy, happy May! I CAN NOT believe it is time to wrap this year up! :) Thanks to all my blog buds for making this my most fun year of teaching yet!

We are working on 3 addend addition right now! Here is a little Top It! game with a cool ice cream theme...perfect for the 90 degree days we have this week in Bama!

Click {HERE} to download the freebie! This correlates with enVision Lesson 5-8 {Adding 3 Numbers}.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback about enVision! I should have mentioned that we are getting the brand new edition that is aligned with the Common Core. I am loving the digital component so far...a nice change from a flip chart! We will continue to supplement with all of the Number Work, Data Detective activities, and games that we have made or purchased from TpT or other sites over the past few years. My district will be digging in a little deeper this summer at Professional Development...I will be sure to keep you posted as we incorporate enVision into our Math Menu block!

Have a marvelous first week of May! :)
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