Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lollipops and Lemondrops :)

Hey y'all! Hope you've had a great week! :)

Tomorrow is our Dr. Seuss birthday party - complete with 
Seuss Juice {source: presh idea from Cara Carroll last year}, 
Thing 1 cupcakes {source: Pinterest} since we are 1st graders, and Truffella trees {source: Pinterest}. 

We are SO taking the Lorax stache pics { source: Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations} too - makes me laugh out loud!! :)

I have a new little Facebook venture: Lollipops and Lemondrops! I am making digital party printables for sweet soirees and heat press know Southerners are all about monograms and shirts with names all over it!! :) Head over to Facebook to check it out...only 1 like away from an Easter heat press shirt giveaway - and yes, I will ship to y'all outside of Bama if you win!!! :)
 I smile every time I get a like on FB - same as when I get a new follower here on Castles and Crayons! I am so, so, so very blessed by the support of L and L in such a short time - it is a dream come true! :)

Oh and speaking of giveaways -- Roll and Read Fluency Phrases {Beginning Blends} winners are below. The unit will be 20% on TpT tonight and tomorrow! :)

Happy TG-so very close-F!!! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Roll and Read {Beginning Blends}

Happy Monday, y'all! 
We are gearing up for a fun filled Dr. Seuss week, 
complete with his birthday party on Friday! :) Pics coming soon! We read my very favorite Dr. Seuss story this morning, Gertrude McFuzz. Gertrude is smarter now and so are my firsties!! :)

The newest Roll and Read has been added to my TpT shop. There were so many requests for this beginning blends set and I thank you so much for being oh so patient!! :)

You can click on the picture below to check it out!

I will also be bundling all of the Roll and Read units into a mega pack zip file coming by the end of the week! It will have all 5 of the Roll and Read units with some savings, of course! :)

{Short Vowels}
{Long Vowels}
{Consonant Digraphs}
{r-controlled Vowels}
{Beginning Blends}

**I will send this unit to five people on Wednesday, February 27.
Just comment below with your email address! 

Hats off to a spectacular Seuss week! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy weekend, friends! I am linking up with sweet Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for a little peek at the week in review! 

I am OBSESSED with Erin Condren! Last year I didn't use a planner at all - I decided to the iPhone route. Well - I decided this year to hop back on the paper planner bus and I am SO GLAD I did! Rumor has it she is coming out with a August 2013 - December 2014 planner for us teachers! FAB!

Mardi Gras is a big deal here in Alabama...especially in the Mobile area! We ended our Sweet Home Alabama unit with some delicious King Cake .... straight from NOLA! A sweet mom had the cake Fed Exed to us. It was so delicious!!!!

Love these precious bumblebees from Teri! I love her crafts and writing prompts!!

Teri did it again! LOVE THESE! They make my heart happy!!

I loved these so much last year, I had to do them again!

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tech,Tech Baby!

Happy Tuesday! RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY!!!
I seriously think this might be a record breaking year of the number of indoor recess days here in the Southeast!
Speaking of indoor recess - have you checked out Adventure to Fitness? My sweet teacher friend introduced this website to me on the 99th day of indoor recess this year. 
Super fun and the kids totally rock it! 

It is free but I did notice that it uploaded faster when you were logged in to an account! 

Our district has a Technology Conference next Monday.  I have heard from a bird that the theme is Tech, Tech, Baby!! HA!!!! Yes, please! I know every single word by heart to the orig! 
I am presenting. EEKK! No matter how many times I get up to speak in front of adults, I break into a sweat. Turn magenta. Develop a stutter. It really is ridiculous! If anyone in the room is over the age of 7, I start to get clammy! Anyone else on this struggle bus with me?

I am presenting about taking Brain Pop to the next level in your classroom. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT BRAIN POP, JR! I can't get enough of Annie and Moby and neither can my kiddos. I honestly think Annie can teach some concepts better than inferring for example. She rocked it! 
Brain Pop and Brain Pop, Jr is pricey but worth. every. penny. Write a Donors Choose for this people! I use it all. the. time.
If you have clickers {We have ActiVotes} you can run the online quizzes with them! AWESOME! We did the lesson on comparing numbers this morning and then used the ActiVotes during the quiz. It was quick {less than 5 minutes} and I was able to export the results to Excel. Much better than a paper and pencil mid unit assessment! 

Brain Pop also has a great section just for educators! If you click on Brain Pop Educators, then Graphic Organizers, they have a ton of great organizers ready to print!

Be sure to check out Katie King {Queen of the First Grade Jungle} and her Techy Tuesday linky party!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fave Five Phonics Apps

Hey y'all! :) 
Be sure to check out Katie King {Queen of the First Grade Jungle} and her Techy Tuesday linky party!

In my classroom, we have access to an iPad lab with a class set of iPads that we use once a week, but we have one iPad that stays in our room. During The Daily Five, the iPad is used as a Word Work choice.
The app they use changes based on what unit we are on, 
but the apps below are my fave five phonics apps to use all year long!

This is a fun way to practice making words. You can choose for the students to fill in the missing initial, medial, or final sound, or you can choose random! 

This is a good app for kiddos to make new words by adding the missing initial or final sound. It is good for word families!

LOVE this app from Lakeshore! This game explores vowel sounds, syllables, blends, digraphs, and more! 

This is good *free* app for rhyming words and word families! The sounds are pretty cute! ;)

This is a great spelling app where can kids can make words or spell words. I love the hen's cute little voice!

Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

SUPER Sunday Sale

Shop til you drop this Sunday, February 3!


Just in case you will be eating embarrassing amount of chips and dips, stalking the commercials, and hanging out with friends like I will be, everything in my shop will be 20 % off on Monday, too!

Enjoy your weekend! :)
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