Friday, July 15, 2011

Listen to Reading - The Daily Five

Happy Friday, blog buddies!
Woo hoo...we are up to the last component of the Daily Five...Listen to Reading! You can see the light at the end of tunnel...the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow, or my personal fave, DESSERT at the end of dinner! :)

This is the easiest part of D5 to implement...the kiddos do not need a lot of modeling and they definitely do not need to build up stamina...they LOVE to listen to audio books!

Y'all know the drill....make an anchor chart for Listen to Reading!
Step 1 - Brainstorm what Listen to Reading should look like and sound like
Step 2 - Make an anchor chart (Students will listen to books quietly...teachers will work with students)
Step 3 - Discuss where materials are stored and how to use them (add to anchor chart)
Step 4 - Discuss where to sit in the room (add to anchor chart)
Step 5 - Have students model the correct and INCORRECT way to get materials, where to sit in the room, and how to clean up materials
Step 6 - Build stamina ~ Firsties do not really need to build stamina to listen to a book...they are usually ready to go...especially at this point in the D5 process! :)

There are so many fab techy tools to use during Listen to Reading! I currently have 6 kiddos "Listening to Reading" during each session. Anything that has headphones is considered Listen to Reading in my room! 2 kiddos are listening to books on individual CD players, 2 kiddos are using Raz-Kids at desktop computers, and 2 kiddos are playing spelling and sight word games on the iPad.

Our school purchased the individual CD players from Best Buy and they worked great last year! We got them in November and they were still working wonderfully at the end of the year! I purchase most of my books and CD's from Scholastic. Eventually, I would like to load all of CD's into iTunes and use iPods...but the CD players are a SUPER solution in the mean time! :)

Raz - Kids is fabulous!!! Of course, like most things in life, there is a cost! I think it worth every penny, though! I am blessed that my school purchases this for us every year. It is a levelized reading library online! The kiddos can access it from home too, which is great for homework!

Of course, the kiddos ADORE the iPads! There are so many awesome apps out there!

As always, feel free to ask questions or make comments!
Up next...a giveaway to celebrate 300 followers! I JUST can't believe it! :)


ashley said...

Thanks for app recommendations! I am purchasing an iPad for my classroom and am looking for good apps. Love reading your D5 posts since I am going to begin D5 this coming school year!

Jessica said...

Thank you again for posting all your Daily 5 info... I am definitely going to purchase the book and hopefully read it all before we get back to school! I'm really looking forward to implementing this into my own classroom!


Jessica said...

Hey lady! =) So I'm copying and pasting the posts that you made for the Daily 5 to share with my Kdg team b/c I really want to implement this in my classroom THIS year! (I plan on purchasing the book as soon as I get paid in August!) But I have a few questions for ya! I'm trying to figure out how the mini-lessons work. Could you give me an example of how you would break up your lesson into the mini-lessons? And also... after reading your posts on the Daily 5 centers... I'm assuming it's pretty similar to what I already do, just organized a little different. (Please tell me if I am wrong!) So my listening station and computer stations would be considered "listening to reading", my "word work" centers would be my: pocket chart station, word study, and abc/letter study stations, "read to someone" would be my big book station, library center and poetry station, and then of course writing is it's own station. Once you have all the centers modeled and explained at the beginning of the year, you mentioned how the kids get to choose? How does that work? Sorry I"m so full of questions! Just want to make sure I can explain it to my team to see if anyone else wants to implement it with me before I buy the book! =) You can email me at if it would be easier for you!


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