Monday, July 8, 2013

Schedule Spotlight Series #5 - The Daily Five

Happy Monday! We are floating away here in the South...rain, rain, and more rain! Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

My hubs and I are headed up to my classroom tomorrow to move the furniture back in place. I am about to start my 9th year of teaching and I am preparing things ahead of time - things I KNOW I will need. Hoping it makes the start of the year easier!

This is the fifth post in the 10 week Schedule Spotlight series!
For those of you just joining in the fun, we are going through our day, minute by minute and hour by hour! Almost as a good as observing…but saving money on gas and sub pay! :)

7:45 - 8:15 ~ Morning Work {Post #1 - June 10}
8:15 - 8:30 ~ Calendar {Post #2 - June 17}
8:30 - 9:00 ~ Math {Post #3 - June 24}
9:00 - 9:45 ~ SPECIALS
9:45 - 10:30 ~ Phonics {Post #4 - July 1}
10:35 - 10:55 - RECESS
11:00 - 11:30 - LUNCH
11:30 - 12:40 ~ The Daily Five {Post #5 - July 8}

We have settled back in our room after lunch. We have a quick restroom break and then we are ready to start The Daily favorite part of the day! After the initial 20 day launch period, those kiddos are ready to go! 

11:40 - 11:55 ~ Writing Mini Lesson
I have done this differently every year. For the past two years, I have incorporate Writing Workshop into The Daily Five. Because we have both specials and PE most days of the week, there just wasn't enough time to do 2 or 3 sessions of Daily Five in addition to Writing Workshop.
More about writing next week! :)

11:55 - 12:12 ~ Check in and Daily Five Session #1
For check in, I use a oral clipboard system! I call their name and they tell me their choice. When enough kids have made a choice, I say "Read to Self is closed". The Jungle Guide {or helper of the day} crosses Read to Self on our flip chart, so the rest of the class knows to make that choice for this session. 
Second semester, I allow them to come up to the flipchart and write their class number in a square next to their name.
I like to keep a record of their choice on a clipboard. I have thought about having them make their choices when we come back in from lunch. I might experiment with that this year!

During the first session, I pull my lowest group for a small group lesson. We spend about 5 minutes on the phonics focus for the week and then begin our Guided Reading lesson. 

12:15 - 12:35 ~ Check in and Daily Five Session #2
I do not teach a mini lesson in between the first two sessions! There is simply not enough time before we have to leave for PE!

During the second session, I pull my medium group for a small group lesson. We spend about 5 minutes on the phonics focus for the week and then begin our Guided Reading lesson. 

12:40 - 1:10 ~ PE

1:15 - 1:25 ~ Reading Comprehension Mini Lesson
I am not sure how this will look this year with the addition of our new series, Wonders. My grade level sat down with our reading coach a few years ago and expressed our interest in teaching comprehension strategies with authentic, QUALITY literature. We basically came up with our own plan! We focus on a comprehension strategy for a month and incorporate author studies and quality literature. I find so many of our best comprehensions lessons and ideas from you and the blogging community! 

This was our plan last year:
AUGUST - Intro to Daily Five
SEPTEMBER - Characters and Setting
OCTOBER - Main Idea and Details
NOVEMBER - Making Connections
DECEMBER - Making Predictions
JANUARY - Making Inferences
FEBRUARY - Asking Questions
MARCH - Retelling
APRIL - Summarizing
MAY - Visualizing

1:25 - 1:45 ~ Check in and Daily Five Session #3
During the third session, I pull my high group for a small group lesson for a Guided Reading lesson two days a week. The other 2 days, I rotate around to conference with writers. 

Now its time for PE!!  

Link up below to tell us all about your Daily Five time!

Join us next Monday, July 15 to learn more about what Writing time looks like in my classroom!

Have a great week! :)


Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing your monthly outline of your comprehension lessons, I'm always interested to see what order others go in. I really like this series, but I'm only part-time & teach basic skills at that, so it's really difficult for me to participate in this, but I love reading about others schedules. Thanks for sharing.


Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

I am loving these posts! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jess said...

I love your reading comprehension strategy schedule! Last year we implemented common core and used quality literature and non fiction to teach. It was awesome!! This year we have the Journey series for common core and I'm not sure how I'm going to have time for everything! You have so much time for reading!
Rambling About Reading

Julie DiBenedetto said...

I am back this week to check in and I am SO GLAD that I did! I really like your monthly break down for comprehension strategies/skills. Great idea! My district team just finished overlaying the CAFE menu into the course of the year in first grade. I will definitely share that with you when I get my hands on the pdf!
Thanks for sharing!
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

Learning about Life in Second Grade said...

Love these posts they have been wonderful. It is nice to see other people's schedules. Trying to fit it all in is tough. At my school we have an 1 1/2 for centers, whole group and writing. I started D5 mid year of this last school year because I needed something hitting more elements. I was wondering if you use the CAFE chart? Just curious as I read that book as well and am trying to figure out about working that into my room.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting these linkies! It is fun to see how others do things in their classroom!

Unknown said...

great ideas!

I tried Daily 5 last year but this year I found it was really hard to fit it in PLUS with so many pre-readers/writer it was tricky. However, I do adhere to the idea of giving the kids lots of choices so every day they get plenty of time to choose reading time or a spelling game. We are halfway through the year here in Australia so I am thinking there is still time to start :)

KaSandra said...

I'm so happy you did a linky about The Daily Five. Next year will be my first year in 1st and my first year doing the D5. I've read the book, and will be attending a training in early August, but teachers who REALLY implement strategies always have the best advice!

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