Sunday, July 10, 2011

Work on Writing - The Daily Five

Happy weekend! I am back with the next independent activity introduced in The Daily Five - Work on Writing.

You might remember from my last post that all of the introductory D5 lessons follow the same format:
Step 1 - Brainstorm what Work on Writing should look like and sound like
Step 2 - Make an anchor chart (students will write quietly...teachers will work with students)
Step 3 - Discuss where materials are stored and how to use them
Step 4 - Discuss where to sit in the room (add to anchor chart)
Step 5 - Have students model the correct AND incorrect procedures to get materials, where to sit, how to clean up). This is SUCH an important and powerful step!
Step 6 - Add a few minutes to stamina each day

We discuss that Work on Writing should sound like whisper voices and quiet writing and look like students staying in one spot and writing the whole time.
We talk about how Work on Writing should NOT sound like talking to other friends and singing and should NOT look like students playing musical chairs and scribbling on paper, etc.

Students then model the correct way to get materials, where to sit, and how to clean up. It is also so important to have students (who may have an issue doing this correctly in the future) model the WRONG way to Work on Writing. It is so powerful for the kiddos to SEE the correct and incorrect procedures.

The first day, students will Work on Writing for about 1- 2 minutes. Every day, add 1 to 2 minutes to their stamina.

During Work on Writing, my students pick up their writing folder and paper. They can then choose a spot at table, or pick up a clipboard and get settled on a rug. Students must finish any unfinished writing in their writing folders before they start a new piece of writing.

Their writing folders are simply a three prong folder with two pockets on the inside. The left pocket is for finished writing and the right pocket is for unfinished writing. I include a Blend and Digraph chart, hole punched and placed in the prongs in the middle of the folder. Kinder friends, you could add an Alphabet Chart. I also place a frequently used word list in the middle.

I organize all of the paper for Work on Writing in 3 sets of these plastic drawers.

I introduce each paper as we use it in our writing units throughout the year. By March, students are allowed to choose from any of the 9 drawers ~
1. Plain paper (for illustrations or cards)
2. List paper (a half sheet of paper with lines for students to make a list)
3. Lined paper
5. 4 square paper (the students pick a topic (example - fall) and then draw and write about 4 things related to fall (football, apple, leaves, and pumpkins)
6. Stationery (I am sad I can't share these with you guys...I purchased the graphics from PC Crafter and you can only use their graphics for personal use)
7. Booklets
9. Sticker Stories (students choose 3 stickers, draw a picture using the stickers, and then write about their picture

Thanks for sticking around for this loooong post! PLEASE ask questions, or make comments! I hope this is helpful to those of you starting D5 this year! :)

Coming soon...all about Read to Someone!


Renée Louise said...

I am looking to implement The Daily 5 and Cafe Book this year and I'm very excited. Thank you for the tips and tricks! I am now a follower of yours!

alexa said...

I loooove your blog! Thank you so much for all the info. This will be my second year teaching and I am planning to use the Daily 5 in my Kinder classroom. I have a question, how long does it usually take to introduce the 5 components of the Daily 5? Sorry, but I am still a little bit confused about it. I really want it to work and for me to introduce it the right way. Do you introduce each one and "practice" for certain days and then the next one? Can your please explain :) Thank you so much! God bless you!

meesabelle said...

Love your ideas! I think I will use the drawers idea for sure! Thanks!

First Grade Frame of Mind

LjP said...

Alexa- I have usually taught read to self the first week, then added onto it with a new component the next week. If you are modeling and practicing that many times the first weeks of school, it will stick!!

Question: what writing do they have to finish before they start a new piece? Will it be a writing assignment? Or is it free writing?

Kelli :) said...

Alexa - LjP is right! You start with Read to Self for the first 5 days. The second week, you add Work on Writing. The third week, you add Read to Someone. The last week you add Word Work and Listen to Reading. By the end of 20 days, the kiddos should be doing all 5 parts of D5.

LjP - Thanks for your answer to Alexa!!! It depends...usually it is a writing activity directly related to our writing unit. I always let them have Free Writing Friday and will let them have free choice a few other times each month! :)

alexa said...

Thank you so, SO much for your answers! Now I feel so much better :) and I will definitely continue planning for this coming year. I am super excited about the Daily Five :) Thank you both :)

LjP said...

Kelli- I have been reading No More I'm Done, which is a Writer's Workshop book. It has really opened my eyes to the process of writing and how to get kids involved with that rather than the finishing of a product. However, that is during WW and NOT D5, and during WW you are focused only on their writing... Hmmm. I am wondering how to set up my D5 Writing this year and the process vs. product is stumping me... Thoughts? :)

Donna Richards said...

I am wanting to implement Daily 5 into my kindergarten class this year. My thoughts on Writing during the Daily 5 is possibly geared more towards practicing "handwriting", atleast until Christmas. I thought I might try to have a separate WW at another time during the day for @ 30 min (10 min mini-lesson ams 20 min. ind. writing) I like the WW because I can meet with some students about writing. I'm just a little confused on how the kids go to all 5 stations but meet with the teacher during 1 of those rotqtions. Do the kids really do all 5 EVERY day and how do you know that they did every station and not just stayed at 1 or 2 of the stations? Any advice would be WONDERFUL!!!

Kelli :) said...

LjP and Donna ~ The D5 book suggests that you do a seperate Writing Workshop (not a part of D5). Unfortunately, with our schedule, we can not fit in another 30 minutes for WW. We have PE every day for 30 minutes, as well as a 45 minute special daily. Sooo....we are trying to modify it this year. We think we may make our last mini lesson during D5 our writing lesson and then have all the students write independently for the 20 minute work session. This would then mean that the students only pick their stations for 2 sessions. Thoughts, ladies??? :)

Donna ~ No, the students do not do all 5 every day! I have 3 sessions that they can choose their station...they do not go to stations for the first session (phonics lesson and buddy reading). Every day, I make sure that my kiddos Read to Self and Work on Writing. Then they will either do Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, or Word Work for their other session. Soooo....they only visit Read to Someone, Listen to Reading , or Work Work 1 -2 times a week! It is hard to type it all out...make sense??? :)

Donna Richards said...

I thought about doing the same thing with writing and doing it as the last min-lesson and ind. writing for the last session. Last year I had just 3 reading groups (but really needed 4) so I figured I could meet with 3 or 4 groups during the first 3/4 sessions and leave the last session for writing. Do you meet with groups or just a few at a time? I also have a para-pro that could also meet with different set of kids, but I want to make sure I give them all opportunities to go to the stations. Do you keep your groups during the whole session or send them back and grab a different group during the session? One more question - for now anyways :) - Do you let them all get started then pull kids or do you grab who you need then let the others get to work. I know it is different for each class, I am just so use to how I do literacy stations that I am trying to get a picture in my head so I can plan. I am going "full force" with D5 and don't want to be lost. Thanks again!!!!!!!

Kelli :) said...

Hey Donna! I meet with groups every day except for Friday, when I do assessments. I usually call my group back once they are all settled. I was apprehensive about this part...I didn't want the kiddos to be upset about leaving their station, but they were all GREAT with it! They just stopped what they were doing and came back to my table! I usually keep them for most of the session...but it just depends on what we are working on! They have so much choice and they know they can choose that station again tomorrow if they missed it! :)
Hope that makes sense! :)

mrs.wolf said...

What a great blog! Thanks so much for all the information. I'm new to the blogging world and a new follower!
Mrs. Wolf

Laura said...

I am new to your blog. I have been reading all about your daily 5. I really like your idea of organizing papers. I have both Doodleloops and Draw and Write. My question, how do you organize the copies? Let me clarify, does your doodleloop drawer have only one class set of a certain page and you replace with a new set once they're all gone or do you have different pages copied and just placed in there? If you have more than one copy, how do you know which one the kids have done?

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