Sunday, August 14, 2011

So sorry! Re Post! :)

Hello again! I know I am breaking ALL the blog rules by posting twice in one day! :) HA!
I just tried Live Writer for the first time today (thank you Cara!) and IT ROCKS! I tried to save it as a draft and then publish from Blogger, but then the text didn't show up in my post! WEIRD! I just re-posted directly from Live Writer, and all the text is there! :) It is SOOOO much easier to post with...especially with photos! I am in love!!!

Sooo....for the FULL classroom tour, click HERE to be redirected to my last post! Thanks for bearing with me! :)


Abby said...

Your blog is about twelve kinds of adorable!!!! Love it!!!! And, oh my, your classroom is a-to-the-mazing!!!!

Kelli :) said...

Thanks Abby!!! I ADORE your blog and your room is super cute and amazing too! :)

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